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Issue 54 | 2024

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Issue 54



Innovations and Transformative Trial Designs

Clinical research evolves

In recent years the landscape of clinical trials has undergone a remarkable evolution



Key regulatory insights

CGT stands at the forefront of personalised medicine revolutionising healthcare by modifying patients

The JAPAC Drug Development Market

Understanding the regulatory landscape and cultural nuances

Regulatory authorities are critical to the development and commercialisation of drugs as they govern the safety

Research & Development

What do We Know About Albumin Formulations?

Albumin is a globular protein soluble in water and coagulable by heat It is found in egg white blood serum milk and other animal


A precision drug delivery system to cancer cell

Cocktail nanoparticles are also valuable in imaging applications such as in cancer diagnosis and monitoring

Next-Generation Approach through Advanced Research and Engineering Techniques in Cell Based Therapy

Biological therapy uses the bodys immune system to combat cancer using cells antibodies and organs

Biomarkers for Cardiovascular diseases

A brief insight

Cardiovascular disorders CVDs including peripheral vascular disease


Performance enhancement has featured in sports since ancient times

Clinical Trials

Innovative Trial Designs

Revolutionising clinical research

Clinical research has always been at the forefront of medical advancements


Ensuring Safety in Geriatric Medicine Use

Explicit criteria to avoid potentially inappropriate medication

Higher life expectancy among Asian people leads to a high number of elderly aged and over nowadays

Nanoparticle Biomimetics as an Avenue to Personalised and Precision Medicine

The past two decades have witnessed mind blowing progress in concepts strategies as well as technologies

Information Technology

Enhancing Pharmacovigilance through the Scope of Artificial Intelligence

AI with its advanced analytical capabilities has shown promising potential in enhancing pharmacovigilance throughout the drug life

Expert Talk

Advanced Manufacturing

An answer to supply chain woes?

The general trend in manufacturing has been to eliminate intermediate stops between processing steps

Advanced Drug Delivery Systems to Address Unmet Medical Needs

Progress in the field of molecular pharmacology and improved understanding of disease pathophysiology