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A Comprehensive Guide to Responsible AI for Life Sciences


Richard Graves, Co-Founder and CCO, Sorcero.

Caitlin La Honta, Product Marketing, Leader, Sorcero.

John Petrakis, Chief AI Officer, USDM Life Sciences.

David Blewitt, VP of Cloud Compliance, USDM Life Sciences.

Rathina Govindaswamy, VP of Digital Cloud and AI, USDM Life Sciences.

Lisa Om, VP of Marketing and Communications, USDM Life Sciences.

“Discover the importance of a purpose-built AI framework and solution that helps life sciences companies successfully adopt AI and mitigate risk. Learn how Sorcero, Google, and USDM are partnering to deliver a joint AI solution for life sciences that addresses this critical need.”


From late-stage clinical development through commercialization, life sciences teams depend on high-quality evidence from a vast array of sources to discover, diagnose, and improve treatments and health outcomes. For decades, the only way to analyze clinical studies, scientific publications, and interactions with physicians was with teams of medical experts reviewing relevant content and data by hand. This manual approach has led to a large, fragmented landscape of healthcare data services across R&D, clinical, regulatory, safety, medical, and commercial teams.

The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of healthcare data is expected to reach 36% by 2025 – the fastest among all data categories2. Manual processes for finding and analyzing evidence are too slow to keep pace. This is especially true when data comes from unstructured but highly valuable sources of conversational intelligence such as patient and practitioner conversations, events, and sales meetings. Add to that patients and physicians who are seeking more complex treatments, and this data becomes crucial to understanding how therapeutics best serve patient needs. But uncovering clinical and medical insights in this wealth of data is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Generative AI (GenAI) has the greatest potential to transform how life sciences teams find high-quality insights from data, leverage conversational intelligence, and deliver better health outcomes.

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