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How Prancer RTSM® Enables Complex Studies - The Complex Study is Here to Stay

Author: Libbi Rickenbacher

Director of Strategy at 4G Clinical, has more than 15 years of experience in the field of life science, and is an e-clinical RTSM solutions subject matter expert.


Clinical researchers are becoming much more creative in how they explore possible treatments. They are leveraging more adaptive trials where phases can be combined or skipped based on positive results, or where the protocol is amended to explore new treatments or disease states within the same trial. This approach allows researchers to follow the science throughout clinical development, and not waste time and resources on what is not working. This creativity has led to an increase in clinical trial complexity, creating a cascade of considerations impacting everything from protocol design through the resulting flexible supply chain infrastructure required to support modern trials. As trial complexity continues to increase, the technology supporting them has responded with intuitive innovative solutions, significantly reducing complex study burden.

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