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Six Reasons Why Direct Patient Support is a ‘must have’ for Your Clinical Trials

Author: Innovative Trials


With a growing and ageing global population, an efficient and continuous drug development pipeline is crucial in the biopharmaceutical industry’s ongoing mission to keep people well and boost overall health worldwide.
However, clinical trials can be complex and eligible participants are likely to face several challenges as they navigate their way through a study, from prescreening to completion. These may include:

  • Understanding complicated protocols or information
  • Managing their appointment schedule
  • Coping with side effects
  • Tackling logistical issues, such as travel arrangements for monitoring appointments or any associated costs
  • The increased adoption of decentralized clinical trials (DCTs), while widely acknowledged as much more patient-centric in design, can also bring challenges for patients. For example, participants may have questions about a study’s format, which components are decentralized and how this will affect their individual circumstances. They may not be familiar with the technology required to take part in the study such as apps, wearables and e-diaries or may struggle with digital access.

Without adequate support, these factors can lead to frustration on the part of the participant. Unresolved, patients may eventually decide to drop out of the trial before its endpoint, risking study bias, early termination of the study and severely compromising the therapeutic’s chances of regulatory approval.

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